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Mar 26, 2018



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Jul 14, 2018

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‘Fabulous’ is a splendid app to have Science-based Coaching to boost your energy, feel lively and healthy. With the help of it, you can lose weight and sleep better by infusing healthy habits and routines in your routine. Now is the time to achieve any of your Health & Productivity goals by following a bit by bit program. Fabulous works as your trainer to get you to reach your goals. So, are you ready to lift yourself to get active and smart? The app will guide you to eat better, sleep better, stay motivated and lose weight by just instilling five fitness living habits. It gets you out of the tension of your figure and low-energy. It is not only a quantified self app or a habit tracker, but it has a holistic approach too, so take it as your own happiness trainer.

With the help of the Integrated Coaching feature, you can take your health, fitness, and diet to a new level. There are 7-minutes scientific Workout, Zen and Vipassana meditation for mindfulness and breathing, Power Nap sessions, Happiness Trainer, and a Starter stretching for your total flexibility. First, you start it by setting your morning routine, and then your individual VOICE COACH offers you personalized suggestions based your everyday life.    

Fabulous makes everything way easier for you. After installing it, you do not need to worry about waking up in the morning. You will be free of tension about your diet and energy. You will not feel fatigue and tired by mid-day. Besides, it sets your morning routine and lets you have full power and energy for 5-hours. It will be helpful for you even if you can't concentrate on a single task by dint of ADHD?

Moreover, it imparts smart-targeted health advises for the healthy and active living. Fabulous has got scientifically grounded approach to infusing healthy habits and mindfulness in your life. Besides, there is a weight loss program where you don't need to count calories, inspired from Atkins & HCG Diet. Moreover, there is your own personal 1:1 human coach that will stimulate you to get going on your targets and goals. There are lots of integrated fitness programs for a complete motivator. Even if you face any problems with sleep, Fabulous will show you how to sleep soundly and properly.


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