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Face Changer Pro

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Mar 26, 2018

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Version 1.4.2



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Face Changer Pro

Are you bored of doing the same social and entertainment stuff on your phone and wanna take a break from it? Face Changer Pro is a wonderful app that can help you to do. This app is the modern day photoshop but there is no need for learning it. Simply using gadgets available in the game and tapping the screen to use them will be the only thing you will do. You're gonna have a lot of fun with this amazing face changing app. To install the app download the free APK from our website and change faces to bring some fun at home.

The app works in the simplest of ways. You are provided with a lot of gadgets that can be used on your face to change its shape and look. There are glasses, stickers, funny shapes, makeup, beard, mustache, and other stuff that can be used on the face to make it look funny. You can make fun of your friends by adding their pictures from the gallery, modify them, and share them on the social profiles to create some humor. You can put makeup, beard, mustache, stickers and lots of other stuff to change the look of their faces. You can also modify and change your face to give yourself a funny look and have fun. 

The app works in a very simple way. Just add a picture from your gallery. Use the items that are present in the app for modification. Items such as stickers and facial items can be modified using reshape tools. Place them anywhere you want. Put makeup, beard or mustache on the baby faces to make them look funny and pass your time in the best way you can.

Simply download the free APK available for you to download and install the game. Keep visiting our website for more free apps and games.


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