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Mar 16, 2018



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Android 5.0 and up

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Jun 22, 2018

The description of Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an Android app that is just like texting but way better and cooler to reach instantly to people in your life. It works with your data plan or available Wi-Fi and you don’t have to pay for every text message that you send. It works with your Facebook account but the coolest thing about it is that you can also get I touch with people directly from your phonebook. You can add and invite people to your Facebook Messenger from your phonebook even if they are nor friends with you on Facebook.  Chat with them; create groups so that you have all of your friends from one particular circle in one place. You can name your groups, set group photos and chat with all of them at the same time.

The Facebook Messenger has been built to make chatting much more efficient. You can shoot videos, capture pictures and snap selfies and send them to your contacts and groups right from the app. But if you want to send your friends pictures and videos from your gallery, you can preview even that from your app. With this perfect Android app you can bring your conversations literally to life by using a variety of stickers, and say more without typing a text.

If you have to tend to other things on your device but at the same time want to converse with your friends and groups, no worries to switch applications; Facebook Messenger’s Chat Heads lets you keep the conversation going while you lean towards other business and then come back at the earliest. You can also record messages if you have more to say and are too drowsy or lazy to type. You can also forward messages and photos to people who weren’t part of your conversation and connect to more people.

On Facebook Messenger you can call and video call your friends who are far away in other countries and talk to them for a longer time. Calls over Wi-Fi would be free but standard charges may apply otherwise.

This Android app lets you know when people have seen your messages so that you remain contended that your message has been delivered. If you want to get back to a particular conversation that you had before, you can search for the people and groups you had it with and get back to them. Facebook Messenger lets you know about the people from your contacts, so that you know who is available on Messenger and who is active on Facebook.

You can also turn off notifications if you are busy working, resting or just need a break. At the same time you can stay logged in so that you never miss a message and get back to your friends when you are back.

To make the communication easier with your Facebook friends, download the app for free now. You can download Messenger's APK file from this website and make texting with your friends all the more fun and exciting.

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Facebook Messenger for Android 5.0+ APK Download
Facebook Messenger for Android 5.0+ APK Download
Facebook Messenger for Android 5.0+ APK Download
Facebook Messenger for Android 5.0+ APK Download
Facebook Messenger for Android 5.0+ APK Download
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