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Fairway Solitaire

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Mar 26, 2018

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Version 1.29.0



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Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 and up

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Jun 29, 2018

The description of Fairway Solitaire

Playing cards are one of the favorite hobbies of men and they always seem to join it whether they are playing it with their friends, on a computer or their cell phone. Solitaire is the most played cards game and now it is also available on Google play store as Fairway Solitaire. This game brings the ultimate and more realistic way of playing cards. The game is getting famous each day and that is due to the amazing game modes and features which we are gonna discuss ahead. You can also be one of the players of this. Download the free APK right now from our website to install Fairway Solitaire on your android phone and begin playing this game. Here are some of the coolest features of this game.

1. There are more than 650 courses in the Fairway Solitaire and counting is also enabled in the same number.
2. There are about 3 main game modes including Bonus, Daily, and the main.
3. These modes bring more as you progress through the game and there are chances to win amazing rewards.
4. There is no end to this game. You can play as long as you like or forever if it pleases you.
5. Fairway Solitaire has some very amazing modes such as Treasure Hunt, Pro Stars, Crazy Cups, and more.
6. Now you can do global challenges in the tours available in the multiplayer mode. The game gets more challenging once you start competing globally.

Fairway Solitaire still has a lot of features that you are about to discover once you start playing this game. Download the free APK right now from our website and start playing it.

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Fairway Solitaire 1.26.0 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
Fairway Solitaire 1.28.1 for Android 4.4 - 4.4.4+ APK Download
Fairway Solitaire 1.29.0 for Android 4.4 - 4.4.4+ APK Download
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