Family Locator & Safety

Family Locator & Safety

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Mar 25, 2018



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May 08, 2018

The description of Family Locator & Safety

Parents always stay concerned about the safety of their children. The surroundings are not much safe for the children but it is also true that parents cannot stop their children from going outside all time. Most of the parents and children have smartphones. It is time to put your phone to some real use. Family Locator & Safety is an app that helps you to locate and stay connected to your loved ones. A free APK for Family Locator & Safety is available for download on this page. This is an amazing app with the help of which parents are aware of the location their children are going and can easily track them.

Family Locator & Safety is a tracker app developed and published by FAMILONET who have published a lot of good apps in the past. This app has solved one of the biggest problems of the parents who stay concerned about the safety of their children. Now they can easily see the location of their children on the map given in the app. The app uses a tracker using either GPS or phone number to give parents location of the children. This can easily be used for family since they allow you to have your location. So get the free Family Locator & Safety APK right now from this page and enjoy the app. Given below are some other important features that are part of this app.

Family Locator & Safety Features.

Here are some important features from Family Locator & Safety.

1. Family Locator & Safety has a real time locator. This means that you can have current location of your loved right at the moment on the map. Plus, the app gets updated after few time giving you the real time locations of people.

2. The app notifies you anytime when your children reach school or office. You can also get a notification when they reach home. This takes off a lot of burden from mind.

3. Battery consumption of the app is very low. You can use it all day and can still have a lot of backup remaining.

4. This app doesn’t work in a complex way. Parents, as well as the children can understand and use this app easily.

5. You can have private chat with the people you have added as family or friends using the private chat function.

Isn’t this app amazing? So install the app right now on your phone by downloading the free Family Locator & Safety APK and take care of your loved ones.


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