Fast Like A Fox

Fast Like A Fox

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Mar 25, 2018

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Version 1.4.0



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Android 4.2.x and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Fast Like A Fox

'Fast Like a Fox' is a fantastic game with amazing graphics and themes. It is incredibly exciting and full of entertainment. It is one of the fastest platforms ever created. Besides, it has a unique control of tapping. 'Fast Like a Fox' is entirely free to play. The game app is able to use internal sensors of your devices to detect movements. You need to learn the tapping techniques to experience the best precision.
In the game, the mysterious minions have stolen the treasures of the Golden Fox tribe. Now you are to help it by returning them to its actual owners. You can manage the Fox by tapping the back of your mobile or tablets and dart through stirring and challenging worlds. You will be dashing your way through snow-covered, cloud temple, mountain tops, valleys, fiery caves subways and city highways.
You will find all emeralds, diamonds, and coins as you break time records and get the best scores. Once you have got expertise and impulses, you will be able to unlock the Secret Character and beat the challenging Final Run with the help of special power. You just need to learn how to control your fingers on the screen. It is the very amazing game which never gets you bored. Install the app right away and be fast like a Fox.
The Fast Like a Fox has got excellent features. There is an innovative tapping control. The game is very easy to play but hard to master. Besides, there is a fast and fun platform with a lot of replay values. You can unlock everything just by playing it more and more. Furthermore, collect different gems and be fast as much as you can. Keep on dealing with the adventures through stirring and challenging worlds. There is a cool and unusual vector based graphics and geometry which is made having inspired by retro console games. Moreover, enjoy upbeat soundtracks thoroughly. Start enjoying the game now and share your skills and scores with your friends and get admired by them.



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Fast Like A Fox 1.3.6 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
Fast Like A Fox 1.4.0 for Android 4.2.x+ APK Download
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