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Mar 25, 2018



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Version 2.0



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Fer

This is a touch to jump game and you will find the style of the game as arcade. In this game there is a bird type character whose name is ferite and you need to control it. There are different types of gears with pointy ends and when the bird is in contact with them game will over. You need to carefully control the speed of your tapping because when you tap the screen with more speed the speed of the bird will rise. Sometimes the good speed is better and sometimes slow speed, it will all depend on the game situation.

This game is connected with the Google Play Games so all your performance and achievements will be stored and you can check them. Game has superb music in the background which will keep you interested in the game. This game also has in-app purchase option for buying the stars for the game. You can play this game and try hard to get the higher score and then you can show you friends and you can challenge them for that high score. This will also increase the fun of game play.

This game is also socially connected you can share your score in face and twitter both. This game is unity based game so you will face a game play. This game is too unique from the other jumping games. There are no push notifications in the game so when you want to play you can start. This game is totally compatible for all mobiles having android version 4.0.3 and also with the tablets. Check your scores and compare with others in the leader board which is connected with the Google Play Games. You can get the apk version of the game and also you can download it from App Store.

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