File Manager HD(File transfer)

File Manager HD(File transfer)

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Mar 25, 2018

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Version 3.5.0



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of File Manager HD(File transfer)

Management is very important in every aspect of our living. Whether they are our lives or our things, everything needs management and if you are good at it, then your life will be more at peace than others. Our Android smartphone is part of our life and it is important that we manage it very well. Keeping the files in place, apps optimized and hence, everything that needs order. We need to keep everything in the specified folders and sometimes we need to move things back and forth to keep the good management level in our phone and for that, we need an app that is designed especially for the purpose.

Built-in file managers aren’t very good for the maximum management and that’s why Android users need an app like File Manager HD(File transfer). This app is one of the best apps for the management of files on your Android smartphone and if you use it once, you are not going to ask for any other app. There is a free APK available to download for File Manager HD(File transfer) but first, you should read a review of the features of this amazing file manager.

File Manager HD(File transfer) is developed by Android developers named Clean master team on the Google play store and this is one of the finest apps you can get for the management of your smartphone. Wondering why I am calling this the best name? Read the full features ahead.

  • File Manager HD(File transfer) has everything that a file manager should have. You can do anything such as cut, copy, paste, copying and moving of files, and some other major options such as the compressing and the decompressing of files. These are the features that a good managing app should have and File Manager HD(File transfer) have them
  • This management app has the cloud support which means that you can now save your important files in the cloud and recover them anytime you want. You can also move the files between the cloud and local storage and that, within a matter of seconds
  • Using Wi-Fi connect it to your PC and then transfer files from phone to PC or PC to phone using FTP protocol. Plus, it is available in all the major languages so that you can use it and manage your phone well using your own language

Download File Manager HD(File transfer) right now by clicking the green download button and get free APK for your Android. If you need to read more about this app, then you can visit official websites of developers here.

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