Flashlight HD LED

Flashlight HD LED

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Mar 24, 2018



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Version 2.00.42 (Google Play)



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Android 6.0 and up

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Jul 14, 2018

The description of Flashlight HD LED

Want something brightest coming out of your Android device? To do that you will an app that would enlighten your world when there is dark everywhere and will show you the path towards your destination. Flashlight HD LED is the name of the app and to brighten lives is its job. Though there are 1000s of apps which you can download from play store to use the LED of your phone but I would recommend you to use this one because of some of its qualities that none of the other apps have. Read the full feature of the Flashlight HD LED and then decide for yourself whether this app suits you or not.

Flashlight HD LED is the simplest and brightest app that you can get on your Android device. Now you won’t need to bother about the dark places because this LED flashlight will enlighten your world even in the scariest dark environments. This uses the maximum power of your LED flashlight of the phone. Flashlight HD LED is certainly your best friend when you are facing the difficulty of darkness due to power loss or you are in an area where there is not electricity. Flashlight HD LED should be your choice when you want to download a flashlight app because of the following features.   It is the most elegant, simple and well design app that you can get on your Android device. It has very easy to use interface with main menu widget that gives you a shortcut to turn on the light at once in the case of power loss. Its free APK file has been provided on the download link on this page.

When you will launch the app, just tap the button on your touch screen once to turn on the light. Most of the apps have complicated switches which just doesn’t seem appropriate for a smartphone. It is always better to have an app that works the simplest and that’s why you need Flashlight HD LED.   Flashlight HD LED uses the built-in flashlight LED of your device to its full potential and still gives you great battery mileage. It gives you the brightest light while consuming less battery than most of the apps in this category.

Flashlight HD LED also gives you an amazing feature of using your screen as colored light lamp. This app is really is something that gives features unlike any other app out there. You can also have quick access to Flashlight HD LED by adding a widget your menu.  So download Flashlight HD LED right now from our free APK house and enlighten your world! Download its free APK right away.

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Flashlight HD LED 2.00.29 (Google Play) for Android 4.2+ APK Download
Flashlight HD LED 2.00.33 (Google Play) for Android 7.0+ APK Download
Flashlight HD LED 2.00.38 (Google Play) for Android 7.0+ APK Download
Flashlight HD LED 2.00.40 (Google Play) for Android 6.0+ APK Download
Flashlight HD LED 2.00.42 (Google Play) for Android 6.0+ APK Download
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