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Mar 25, 2018

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Freeze!

Freeze! is an award winning arcade game developed by one of the top developers in android gaming world. A breath taking production of Frozen Gun Games that won an award at India Game Awards 2013. The game brings you to the ultimate world of survival where your protagonist, apparently an eye ball named Hero is in trouble. Your objective is to free him from the world by completing levels that are full of hard obstacles and thorns on the way. Doesn't matter what happens, you have got to use your instincts and free Hero from this horrifying world. You can download the free APK available on this page to install the game and enter the chaotic world of survival.

Freeze! Features and Game Modes Review.

Gameplay: In Freeze! you will be thrown into a world as your protagonist, an eye ball named Hero. He was caught by some mysterious powers in the dark horrifying world and the only way to get out of there is the world of full obstacles and hardships. In each levels, you will be faced with a new challenge. At initial levels, the game will be much easier since you will be passing through easy obstacles. All you have got to do is to spin the world by rotating the phone saving Hero from the obstacles and bring your ball to the end point. Once he has reached the end-point, a level gets completed. You will be needing quick moves and a smartphone with good sensors to rotate the world quickly and save Hero from the troubles. As the levels grow in the game, you will be face new challenges such as thorns, arrows stuck by walls, and you will have to stop Hero from bumping into them. Bumping into the obstacles will take his life and your adventure will be over.

Graphics and Design: The graphics in the game look quite realistic for an android game. The effects and textures used are very realistic and you will feel like playing a game on your console. The music and audio effects are quite amazing too. The music is right according to the situations you are in and it will keep your concentration on the game. The audio effects used for death and crossing the obstacles are simply awesome and this is one of the reasons that it became an award winning game.

I hope you have found this game. It is your time to hit the adventure of bringing out Hero safely from the walls of dark city. Install the game by downloading the free APK and have an amazing adventure. Best of Luck!

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