General Knowledge in Urdu

General Knowledge in Urdu

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Mar 26, 2018


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May 08, 2018

The description of General Knowledge in Urdu

General Knowledge is one of the most important things of your learning process and your daily life. It is a part of every test you give for any job, interview or study scholarships. General Knowledge in Urdu is an app for those people who don't understand English and want to increase their GK. This app is completely in Urdu and if you this language then you should download this app. To install this wonderful GK app, download the free APK from our website and start learning from it to increase your general knowledge. Listed below are some features that are present in this app.

General Knowledge in Urdu Features.

Here are some of the proud features of this app.

1. There are 100s of GK questions for you to learn. Read them any time to increase your knowledge.
2. All the content present in the app is in very easy Urdu vocabulary so you won't face any difficult while reading it.
3. The app targets the science and history to give you more knowledge about the stuff which is most important in this world.

I really hope that this app would greatly help you to work on your GK and you will score well in your tests. Download the free APK from this page to install the app and become a little scholar.

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