Google Dialer (Phone)

Google Dialer (Phone)

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Mar 25, 2018


Google LLC

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Google Dialer (Phone)

Having ordinary dialer on your phone does help and you rarely need something extra. You spend a lot of money by recharging your phone and that ends in no time but why do we have to stick with such things when we have internet. Developers are working harder nowadays and that’s why they produce some great apps like Google Dialer which have changed the meaning of calling. Now you just don’t have an ordinary dialer that would call somebody for you but now you can enjoy great many features from your phone and that all with the help of app such as Google Dialer. Now you can make free calls all around the world with the help of internet connection using Google Dialer and communicate with people all around the world without any interruption. Install Google Phone (Google Dialer) with its apk right away.

Presently call any telephone number on the planet from your Hangouts application without utilizing your phone arrangement minutes. Most calls to US and Canada are free. Download and introduce the Hangouts Dialer to begin making telephone brings in the Hangouts application. After establishment, you can get to all voice calling highlights specifically from Hangouts or use Hangouts Dialer as an alternate way to make telephone calls from the dialer screen in Hangouts. Here are some features that you will get from Google Dialer. Get latest apk file for free or install it from Google Play here.

  1. You can call anyone from anywhere in the world using their mobile or landline numbers without any interference of poor connection and other problems that occur in the local networks
  2. Using internet make calls over the world. The sound quality that you would get from this app is simply amazing. These won’t be any messy noises that will interrupt your communication and you can understand what the people are saying from the other hand of the phone and that with the help of internet connection. One thing that you should keep in mind is that the internet usage charges may apply.
  3. You have a unique ID which will let people recognize and also you can recognize who is calling you. Another great thing is Google voice mail number that you can use to call the people when you don’t have their cell or landline number.

So, all this comes from a great free app named Google Dialer. Download it right from our website and have endless conversation with your business personal and friends from all around the globe and all that for completely free. Download apk file for free.

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