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Google Now Launcher

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Mar 24, 2018


Google LLC

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Google Now Launcher

We know you love your Android phone or tablet’s, yet every time you open it same appearance, fonts, app logos, designs and looks and settings will give an insipid look and feel over time whether, you phone is using the default Android skin or one modified by the smartphone or tablet company of your choice. 

Paint your device with vibrant colors, and transform the screen with cool looking icons to give a fresh look to your device with Google Now Launcher app for your Android run device. As this app is the Google's version of what an Android device should look like. 

Google Now Launcher brings all the information about you from Google services to one place from Gmail, Calendar, News, Weather, Voice and Type search to Google Now Cards which are displayed on the home-screen. The app uses information from your device and other Google services you are using to display the cards and reminders on the screen. You can also choose which cards you want to see and which ones you don’t just by sweeping to the left on the Android device’s screen to have a look at currently displayed cards which may include: sports, TV and Videos, Places etc. Go to customization option and deselect the cards you want to remove from the Home-screen. This gives you the option to access the right information at right time.

Google Now Launcher enables you to use the always impressive Google Search option from any of the home-screen with a single tap both in voice and type formats. 

Ok Google option provides you the option to simply use your own voice to command and control the Android device: tell your device to set an alarm, play a music file, get directions or send a text message among countless other things. 

A-Z apps List feature on the Google Now Launcher enlists all the apps on your device and play store alphabetically, enabling you to quickly look for apps you want to use with fast scrolling. App Suggestions provides suggestions for the apps you are interested in to the top of the A-Z apps list using on-device intelligence. 

Customize the device home-screen icons on your device when using Google Now Launcher by dragging apps from the app drawer. Create app folders by dropping one app on top of another one. With a prolonged press on a blank area of device home-screen to add widgets or change Google Now setting. Drag and flick an app shortcut to remove from home-screen. Change the wallpaper by choosing an y image you like from your device or internet.

Among other services Google Now makes your travelling easy when you are at a new place with Cards for currency conversion, translation, nearby interesting points, locations and landmarks, maps and time back at your home place. In addition to changing the home-screen wallpapers automatically based on local landmarks and famous entities, making your visit memorable. Let Google Now save your time by getting traffic flow information on your route to home, or to remind you about the flight schedule for the trip you planned from Customize menu on the app.

Change your experience, give a new look to your Android device and get things done for you easily using and integrating Google services on the Google Now Launcher app created to make your experience awesome. Just go to the APK download link given on this page for the Google Now Launcher and feel a difference on your phone with this easy to use and elegant app.

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