iFont(Expert of Fonts)

iFont(Expert of Fonts)

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Aug 03, 2018



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Version 5.9.4



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Android 4.0.1 - 4.0.2 and up

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Aug 03, 2018

The description of iFont(Expert of Fonts)

To install the beautiful fonts on your Android phones and tablets. Download and install this iFont(Expert of Fonts) APK on your Android. It will help you to manage and customize your Android phones to make beautiful your device is. To make your device beautiful and attractive. You have to download thousand of latest stylish fonts on your device through this application iFont(Expert of Fonts). You can change your device personal fonts after installation of this cool app iFont(Expert of Fonts). Change your fonts, mood and more by just using this cool app. Do you want to make your device more attractive and beautiful? Then must use this application on your Android to get started. Now, its time to and easy to change your system fonts. Add the different styles to your system fonts and make your device cooler. Use the different stylish latest font styles and change your mood to lovely, happy, joyful and cool. This is the awesome idea and a great choice to install this iFont(Expert of Fonts) APK on your Android. Simple to use and the simplest features to apply. Install the application and enjoy a lot of new features.


Features of iFont(Expert of Fonts):

  • Hundreds of beautiful fonts.
  • Change the system fonts to beautiful fonts and also change your mood.
  • It supports all the Android devices.
  • Modify your font styles and size.
  • Automatic backup of fonts.
  • Change font styles. Apply a size small to big.

Now, download the latest iFont(Expert of Fonts) APK from the available source to enjoy.

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