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Mar 24, 2018

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Jun 07, 2018

The description of JetPack Joyride

It was 2011 when Halfbrick Studios first launched JetPack Joyride arcade game. At first, the game was released for iOS platform only and almost an year later since the release of the game, the Android version was introduced. It is a slide and running game where the player needs to run infinitely to avoid his capture. In the gameplay, action begins when the player steals a jetpack from a secret laboratory making the issue much sensitive one.

When you steal the jetpack from the laboratory, the sharp scientists start chasing you. You are bombarded with laser and other modern destructive tools like machine guns and others. The longer you run successfully, you earn higher scores and the opponents become stronger to chase you down. You can use the powerups and other supportive features to keep yourself away from the scientists and earn higher scores to master JetPack Joyride game.

Players from around the world have shown their great support and love for this game by Halfbrick Studios. Just like other famous games by the developer, JetPack Joyride has also got a great response from Android users and the game is considered among the best games ever made for Android OS.

Barry Steakfries is the main character in the game who is a gramophone salesman by nature. When he comes across a secret laboratory, he sees a jetpack there and then he plans to steal it. He makes the decision to steal the jetpack by thinking that he may be able to change his entire life so he breaks into the laboratory and then steals the jetpack from the scientists working there.

The challenge isn't that much easier as the scientists start chasing him. He runs and runs fast. While running, he finds several coins, moves and other stuff in his way. This thrilling adventure is full of excitement and surprises at every instance and the game will highly entertain you by its challenging nature and well defined story.

By default, Barry is a clean-shaved man with brownish eyes and hair but you can buy him more costumes in upgrades section of the game. Overall, the story, locations and other features in JetPack Joyride are really fantastic and they will put you in a fantasy world of fear and excitement where you will be feeling fear of getting trapped. You have committed a mistake so you will need to work harder to ensure that you don't get trapped otherwise your journey will come to an end.

JetPack Joyride takes the thrill and fear to the heights of the extremism and the player needs to escape a lot of obstacles in the way to earn scores. The longer the player runs, the better the score profile becomes. In the way, there are a lot of obstacles and dangers like laser beams. If the player fails to save himself against these destructive and high-intensity laser beams, then the journey will come to a miserable end. Similarly, destructive missiles are also there making the life difficult and hazardous throughout the entire adventure.

Basically, JetPack Joyride is free to play but there are several upgrades available within the game as in-app purchases. You need to spend money to purchase the upgrade items. For example you can purchase additional jetpacks to run longer without harming the scientists. Moreover, if you aren't feeling good with the current costume of the player, then you can buy another costume for the player from within the game. All these in-app purchases are completely optional and if you don't buy any of these, still you can enjoy the game up to its fullest extent.

So the journey, which was started by Barry, is full of thrill and will take you through several missions where you will feel a mix-up of both fun and fear. As Barry was upset earlier due to the poor sales of his gramophone-making company and decided to steal away this jetpack, he is now more upset as there are difficulties all around him. Now he needs to keep his nerves calm to take his struggle to a happy ending.

Let's see how good you do in the game. By downloading the APK file of JetPack Joyride, you can start a thrilling adventure. Install the game via its APK file and we hope that you will have an exciting journey with Barry, the main character of the game.

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