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KitKat Launcher

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Mar 25, 2018

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Version 7.17.70



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Android 7.0 and up

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Jun 13, 2018

The description of KitKat Launcher

Kit Kat version of the android operating system has really been great. Even though android has got its new updates, still, there are people who are in love with Kit Kat version. That is due to the uniqueness of this operating software that it came with. Androids, obviously in the time of Kit Kat, did more business than it ever did and now it is doing even more. So what was the reason? It brought a lot of improvements in the hardware and software, well, that was just great. Of the unlimited software, there is a launcher app named KitKat Launcher that really is something you want to know about. Download the free KitKat launcher APK from this page to install it on your device but first, read about the features of this amazing app below.

KitKat launcher is a wonderful app for the android operating system 4.0 and above 4.0. Using this app, you can give your phone an amazing look using the different features of this app. Give your simple looking android a fancy look which will make it look exotic. It has features like smart transparent status bar which is really heart clenching and gives your phone a marvelous look.

Now you can also have some other amazing features like Google voice detection using this KitKat launcher. It contains all the supported languages by the Google and so endless web searching by doing that. One thing that should be kept in mind is that this feature can only be used when you are using a phone with an android version higher than 4.4.

There are many other noticeable features in this KitKat launcher. Now you can import many things from other launchers such as shortcuts, themes, and wallpapers. To keep your apps safe, you can hide them in the app drawer on your phone and all of comes with this one single app named KitKat launcher. There are different search bar animations that you can get from this app. Play Store icons along with Google search bar has also been added in the latest version of the KitKat launcher.

With each of the newer version, it gets, the app is getting more and more amazing as the time passes. You can be one of the users that are enjoying this wonderful app on their phones. If you have a phone with android version 4.0+, then download the free KitKat launcher APK right now and have fun.

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KitKat Launcher 7.15.70 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
KitKat Launcher 7.16.70 for Android 7.0+ APK Download
KitKat Launcher 7.17.70 for Android 7.0+ APK Download
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