Ludo Neo-Classic

Ludo Neo-Classic

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Mar 25, 2018

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Android 4.0.1 - 4.0.2 and up

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Jun 07, 2018

The description of Ludo Neo-Classic

People in Sub-continent and the parts around must be familiar with this classic indoor game name Ludo. It is a great part of entertainment among the people in these parts and they all love it while playing it with their friends and family. Well, in the time of android apps and games, this classic game has also reached the phones too. With the title Ludo Neo-Classic, now you can have the fun classic Ludo game with your friends and family using multiplayer modes and many other. If you are already excited about playing this game then obtain the free APK from the green download link given above and install it on your phone to begin the fun. Now I am going to tell you about different game features that you can enjoy in this game.

Ludo Neo-Classic Features.

Here are some major game features that can be enjoyed while playing this game.

1. At first, I want to talk about the multiplayer feature that people need the most. In the board game there is room for 4 players and so do in this game. You can play with your friends on the single phone and have fun in the old classic way. You can play with CPU when there is no one else to play with.

2. All the rules are same as do in the Nepali version and other parts of Asia. You will have to roll the dice and then move the thing according to the numbers on dice. Whoever, takes his items first at the end points, shall be the winner.

3. Graphics are good and have good visual and audio effects to make the game look beautiful. The game has a good realistic look with good textures used in the stuff.

4. All the progress you have made in the game will not be lost when you close the app. When you start the game, it will continue from the same point where you left.

5. The game is supported from the android version 2.3 to 6.0 which means that now people with older OS versions can play this classic game too.

So relive the childhood memories and if you can’t have the board everywhere, get this game to play the Ludo with your friends and have fun in your gatherings. Get it by downloading the free APK from the download link given above and keep visiting our site for more free apps and games.


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Ludo Neo-Classic 1.13 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
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