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Maps (Google Maps)

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Mar 24, 2018


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Jul 20, 2018

The description of Maps (Google Maps)

Moving around in a new places or an area you have never visited before may be pretty much frustrating sometimes as you move back and forth alleys, taking a U-turn, asking random people over and over again to get to the place you intend to reach. So, such visits may prove to be an embarrassing ordeal if you are new in the place with no know-how about the location. Google Maps app for your Android device or phone is here for your help. Now you no longer need to be daunted by lack of information about a new place as by using the app you can move about a place like a local.

Google Maps for Android run devices let you navigate through a place with ease, discover new places, explore world cites, find shortest routes to a location, search a restaurant for lunch, look for a hotel en route to your destination and reserve a room of your choice with indoor view, take a look around the destination of yours with using street view feature. Using the Google Maps on your Android device will make you super comfortable with travel and exploration of new location around the globe.

Why chose Google Maps for your Android device or phone? 

Well, travelling to a new place, moving smoothly between locations, finding places of your interest, all on your own is itself enough to deter you from embarking on a fascinating and refreshing journey. What if all these things are done for you by your Android mobile or device in a fraction of time? Cool right?

Google Maps is the app that is going to make your travel fun by doing tasks such as finding you the right and shortest route to the destination of your choice, places of interest, locations you must visit in a place while you are there and many more.

Most time consuming thing on a journey is getting stuck in traffic jam or finding a road blocked ahead of you towards the destination. Google Maps allow you to navigate like a pro. It suggest for you the best route by assessing distance, traffic information in real time and even the lane you should be driving. By guiding you on each turn it save you from the embarrassment of getting on a wrong way, enabling you to make a bee line to your spot of choice. While on the go, Google Maps gives you the chance to save your time through suggesting other routes available in case traffic is queuing ahead.

Google Maps enables you to reserve a table at a restaurant by using the app on your device. Using indoor view you can search and select a spot with the ambiance of your choice for lunch or dinner. If the indoor view is not enough for you to come to a conclusion you can use the local guide feature to have a look at people’s views and reviews about that place with pictures. Go for it and choose an eatery and set in motion your stomach juices to savor the food en route to your destination.

Google Maps enable you to have a look at or around the place you are visiting beforehand by sitting on couch at your home or on a chair in your office using the street view features and indoor maps. Have a look at the place before leaving and get ready for a sense of deja vo at the destination.

Google Maps not just give you a chance to make your travel easy. Using the app you can explore the world like never before from snow covered peaks in the mountain range to terraced fields in the valley, from grass covered Savannah to tropical rain forest, from warm sand on a sea beach to a pier on a lake inland all are waiting for your exploration on your Google Map. Using the satellite and street view option you can visit cites you have been to or on your wish list; fly like a bird along skyscraper, move around squares or have a look inside the museum you missed last time or other monuments and famous buildings with a tap of your fingers on the device.

Creating a Custom My Map of spots near you using the Google Maps app, you can share your local knowledge and first-hand experience of the places you know. Laud the places you liked by writing a review and give a thumb down to the spots you found uninteresting with your comments all on your Android device using the Google Maps app. Personalize Google Maps and make your life a lot easier. Save your home and office or business addresses on Google Maps and they will be integrated for quick searching. Find saved addresses quickly by synchronizing your contacts with the app, and move about the whole city like in home.

With such features available, Google Maps is a must have app for your Android device. Download the app by clicking at the Google Maps APK download op

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