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Monster Raid

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Mar 25, 2018


Orca Inc.

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Monster Raid

Let's take you back to the stone age where there were monsters and men were a rare breed. Those were the times of survival against the most dangerous enemies and there were no chances for the weak to survive. Well, that era has just been revived through an android smartphone game named as Monster Raid. Your job of course, will be to hunt the monster around you. They are dangerous, tricky, and a lot of them. You need to be much skillful and someone with good instincts to hunt them Though, you will improve throughout the game  but still it is going to take you a lot of time to master the game. You can download the free APK for this game right now from our website. Given below is a quick review of the game modes and features of this game.

Monster Raid Game Modes and Features.

Here are some of the major game modes and features that you can enjoy while playing this game.

1 As per the game's description, there are more than 350 monsters that are found throughout the world.
2. There are about 200 dungeons one the map where you can catch and make dragons your captives.
3. The game's map is a huge one and designed with 7 islands which has about regions. The map growns even bigger when you search for the dungeons.
4. You can seek out the help of some characters in the game such as Rita and Dr. Vickers. These are the ones who know much about the place and if you do them favors, you can know different secrets about the island. This will help you in the exploration of island and catching the monsters will become even easier.
5. Always remember that dragons are tricky creatures and can be very difficult to catch them. That is the reasons why you must never forget to upgrade your skills and weapons. The more you are loaded with good weapons and if you have good instincts and skills, easier it will be for you to capture the monsters.
6. Monster Raid follows a storyline in which there are more than 200 quests. All you have got to is to follow the map and complete the quests.
7. The game has very neat 2D graphics as per the game's description with nice sound and visual effects.

There is everything that you would wnat from a good strategy game. SO don't wait anymore and download the free Monster Raid APK right now from our website. Keep visiting this site for more free APKs and reviews.

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