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Mar 24, 2018



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May 08, 2018

The description of Moto Racer

Boys love bikes because riding bikes and doing races are their favorite hobbies. And this is a dangerous but very enjoyable sport. But it is also true that it is not possible for everyone to enjoy that since there are many reasons for that. Some can’t afford a bike, some places it is not allowed while some are afraid of that due to the fatality of this sport. Truth is in these modern times of technology you don’t always need a real experience. You can have fun of all that right on your gaming consoles and smartphones through different games. Moto Racer is one of those games that bring all of that fun in your home via smartphone games.

Moto Racer is an Android smartphone game developed by Game Division which brings ultimate bike riding experience right on your smartphone. This game, unlike many others, has a beautiful gameplay and graphics that makes you forget about all other sport that is happening outside. A good thing about this game is that you do not require any heavy or latest smartphones to play this game since this is already compatible on all Android operating systems even with low specs. Along with very cool gameplay, this game also provides impressive graphical environment which has different tracks to keep you rolling in the game.

Gameplay in Moto Racer goes like you being on a Heavy Motor Bike, riding it along different tracks, earning points as you cover more and more area of the track and will be stopped if met an accident. Not every map is same in the game. You will have to go through the difficulty of riding through tricky roads, traps of mountains and white snow grounds and this will require some great skill and practice to pass all that. You might face problems when you start playing the game at first but you will do better by the passing time because you will get used to handling in the game.   Controls in the game are very easy.

You will simply need to tap your screen in order to accelerate the bike. Once you have tapped, the speed will increase on its own unless you apply breaks. You will need to tilt screen sideways to make turns and pass obstacles. To buy better bikes with better handling and overall performance, earn more and more points to become a master of the game. I don’t need to tell you everything about the game. Just download the free APK right now on your phones and start having fun with amazing bike riding.

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