Mr Bean™ - Around the World

Mr Bean™ - Around the World

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Mar 25, 2018


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May 08, 2018

The description of Mr Bean™ - Around the World

Mr. Bean, oh man what should I say about this guy? The best comedy TV show, best comedy animated series, and now one of the best arcade games we have witnessed. Yes, Mr. Bean is back on android smartphones with a better running adventure than any you have ever played from the play store. It is time to escape from the curse of Mrs. Wicket and her house and to travel different countries in the world only with your favorite funny guy. Now you are going to have endless fun by playing this game and have some amazing time with your favorite comedy character. Get the free APK for Mr. Bean™ - Around the World from our website and continue playing the game.

Mr. Bean™ - Around the World Game Modes and Features.

Here are some important game modes of this game that I want to tell you about.

1. In Mr. Bean™ - Around the World, you can travel in six different countries going through to 10 different checkpoints to complete the adventure. It is time to escape the terror of old Mrs. Wicket and have some fun all across the world to spend some quality time with Mr. Bean and Teddy. Yes Teddy, don't forget to take him with you because without our protagonist does not feel happy and your adventure could be a disaster. 

2. Causing trouble and making you laugh has always been Mr. Bean's primary objective so will be your while playing this game. Cause trouble by making moves such as jumping, moving sideways to collect golden coins. Leave Mrs. Wicket farther away by setting obstacles for her on the way and slow her down otherwise, she might catch up to you sooner than you expected. 

3. You may lose Teddy on the way and it will be one of your objectives to find him in the country you lost. So, what are you waiting for? Obtain the free APK for Mr. Bean™ - Around the World right now from our website and set on an adventure with Mr. Bean.

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