Ninja Volleyball 2X
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Ninja Volleyball 2X

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Mar 25, 2018


Reixa Games

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Ninja Volleyball 2X

When you think about volleyball, you probably have a very safe sport in mind. When ReixaCode thinks about volleyball, things get heated and messy. The third edition of the Ninja Volley series has just been released for Android and iOS, featuring "elite+" progression, ranked cross-platform multiplayer and a fully reworked RPG system. It's a unique mix of genres where you name and customize your cute ninjas, then compete in extreme volleyball matches with the unconventional help of weapons and magic spells. The 2D gameplay is sleek with intuitive touch mechanics, and as your level increases the singleplayer challenges turn into a frantic test of reflexes.

Defeating CPU opponents and completing daily objectives rewards you with coins that can be used to upgrade your equipment, which allows your team to specialize in the areas (block chance, attack speed, magic resistance, mana regeneration...) that best fit your style. Along the way you also unlock more special techniques like defensive shields, elemental attacks and various combo enablers.The true endgame, however, lies in the multiplayer league: as soon as you feel confident enough, the press of a button will pit you against random players from all over the world to ear and defend your Reputation on the seasonal ladder. All Internet matches are re-balanced so that both teams have a similar strength even if they belong to very different level brackets.

Ninja Volley 2X is free with "ethic" in-app purchases that only speed up the grinding - in fact, the Android edition of Ninja Volley 2X is also available as a separate package on Amazon Underground ( which means that you can unlock all of them for free right now. The developer is very active and is promising to deliver content/balance patches for months to come, so this is surely one of the most original 2016 games to keep an eye on.

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