Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton Security and Antivirus

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Mar 24, 2018



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Android 4.1.x and up

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Jun 21, 2018

The description of Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton, the leading PC antivirus is now on your Android tablet or the phone. Download Norton Security and Antivirus apk file to install the app on your device and provide the app a bulletproof security against malware, viruses, thefts and other security threats. Millions of Android users are trusting Norton Security and Antivirus for protecting their important data and you should be the next to give this superb antivirus a try. Download apk file of Norton Security and Antivirus right away to secure your all stuff against evil attackers.

Some features of Norton Security and Antivirus are listed below:


It doesn't matter either you are surfing the Internet or you are just using your phone offline, attackers and malicious code is always there to put your important data in danger. To ensure that your security is never compromised, download this amazing antivirus and protect your sensitive data. Norton Security and Antivirus scans your all stuff and removes viruses, rootkits, malware, spyware and other malicious code.

By scanning, identifying and removing threats, this amazing antivirus where keeps your device safe against malicious attacks, it keeps your device running insanely fast too.

When your phone is lost, you can lock it remotely by sending just a single SMS. By locking your phone in case it is lost, you ensure that your private data is always safe and secure and doesn't reach those hands you don't trust on. It also enables locking of device when multiple failed pattern lock attempts are made. In addition, Norton Security and Antivirus helps you find your phone with the help of maps when it is lost. Moreover, you can enable your device to be locked when SIM card is replaced.

Other Features:

When your device is lost in your bedroom or anywhere else, the antivirus triggers a loud sound when configured. This features makes it easy for you to find your lost phone back easily. When your device's battery power is low and your phone is about to turn off, the app saves its current location automatically making several tasks easier for you later.

Norton secures your data by creating its backups. For example you can secure your contacts and other sensitive data easily and the backups can be restored later with a single tap getting everything back on track in case something wrong goes with your data. When connected and configured, your devices can be controlled from a simple website interface which supports multiple devices to be added and managed.

Norton Antivirus takes a great care about your privacy. You can keep your data safe and secure with this app. In addition, you can block calls and messages from unwanted contacts. In case your phone is lost, you can wipe all data contained on it remotely. The app takes a silent photo of the user too in case someone is using it without your permission when you mark your device as "lost" from the website.

All these and many other features are contained in Norton Antivirus free version. You can download Norton free version's APK file on this page for free. APK download link is provided below. In case you need more power and advanced security features like Norton Mobile Insight, consider their Norton Pro. Information about Norton mobile security solutions can be found here.

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