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Mar 24, 2018

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Version 5.5.4



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Android 4.1.x and up

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Jun 06, 2018

The description of Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the highest rated and most download personalization apps available on Android Market. Around 1 million Android users have rated this app near 4.5 which speaks loudly about the app's popularity. The number of Android user, who are using Nova Launcher but hasn't rated it yet, is even bigger and the number of users is increasing daily at a high ratio. You can also start personalizing your Android tablet or phone's screen using Nova Launcher, the ultimate launcher available for Android devices.

Generally, launchers and personalization apps available out there focus on the design and look they bring on Android devices but Nova Launcher's priority is the performance also. Developers of the app where focus on the uniqueness and style of the design of the device screen, they also ensure that the app isn't consuming too much resources on the target device as well as it makes the device faster up to a maximum possible level. We can say that Nova Launcher is an all-in-one package for performance improvements and personalization tasks on Android tablets and phones.

Nova Launcher lets you customize the icons as well as it allows you to customize layouts and other UI sections in an easy way. There are thousands of free icon themes available for Nova Launcher which let you customize your phone or tablet's screen into an innovative one. Moreover, you can customize the color schemes also and you can define which colors should be mixed up in the layout of your device. In such a way, you can build a homescreen your eyes love.

App Drawer can be customized too by Nova Launcher and you can place custom tabs there. You can also define the scroll effects of App Drawer as well as custom effects can be added to certain parts of the drawer easily. All these possibilities have been brought on your device to you by Nova Launcher only.

Infinite scroll feature has become popular in last couple of years. Live examples of infinite scroll include Twitter Tweets where Tweets are loaded and shown infinitely. You keep scrolling down on an infinite scroll page and more content keeps loading on the same page. Thus you can view more content without leaving the page you are currently on. Nova Launcher brings this possibility also where you can scroll down to an infinite level for the content displayed on the homescreen of your Android tablet or the phone.

There is an easy-to-use backup solution available in Nova Launcher which allows you to create backups of the homescreen of your device. Just in case your device is lost, you get a new phone / tablet or you just restored the factory settings of your Android tablet or the phone, you can restore your favorite homescreen layout on the new device with extreme ease using the backup / restore feature of Nova Launcher.

All above discussed features are offered by Nova Launcher Free. If you need even more features, then you can consider getting the prime version of the app which unlocks several features. In Nova Launcher Prime, you can define gestures to open certain apps as well as you can perform several other actions with the gestures you define in your device. Moreover, a counter is there for counting unnoticed events like for unread messages and so on.

Another feature included in Nova Launcher Prime is its capability to hide unused or rarely used apps and games. This is superb feature which keeps your device's screen cleaner by removing the apps you have never used or you use them rarely. Moreover, custom actions can be defined for icon swipes also. Many more effects for infinite scroll has been added in this version of the app.

Now its up to you either you want to download the free version (APK) of Nova Launcher or you want to purchase the prime version of the app. If you are going to download the free version of the app, then you can download for free on this page or if you have decided to get more customization possibilities, then you can read more about Nova Launcher Prime here.

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Nova Launcher 5.5.3 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
Nova Launcher 5.5.4 for Android 4.1.x+ APK Download
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