One Man Army – Epic Warrior

One Man Army – Epic Warrior

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Mar 25, 2018


Nazara Games

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of One Man Army – Epic Warrior

How about playing a game that will put you to some intense reflexes test? Well, if you are up for the challenge then let's tell you about a game that has recently been released on Google's Play Store and requires some good skills to master it well. One Man Army – Epic Warrior is a game that is based on the survival in an environment surrounded by enemies. Though this game seems very easy, but trust me it is very hard to master. It may seem that dodging enemy attack by moving sideways, up or down is an easy task but you have not played this game. Why am I talking so high of this game? let's tell you about the game modes of One Man Army – Epic Warrior. You can also obtain free APK by downloading the from the button above.

One Man Army – Epic Warrior Game Modes and Features.

Here are some game features from this game that you are definitely going love. 

1. There is a total of 3 castles. In each castle, there are enemies that are tricky and very hard to dodge. With each castle, the difficulty of the game increases. You will need to upgrade your skills with time to survive the game. Also, getting better with time is the key to success in this game.

2. By completing missions you can earn a lot of rewards. You can unlock some nice avatars by progressing through the game and earning unlock points. These avatars can be unlocked and found throughout the game. Make sure that you earn enough points to unlock them. 

3. You can also compete with your friends. There are not multiplayer modes in the game but you can compete with them on the leaderboards that can be seen by connecting the game to Facebook. 

4. Use the different directions on the screen to dodge the enemy attacks. You can also tap on the screen and do different moves to defend yourself from the enemy.

Remember friends, this is all about survival. The one who will work more, the better he will be. Become a survivor by downloading the free APK for One Man Army – Epic Warrior from this page. Also, rate the app and leave us your feedback about this beautiful game. 

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