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Mar 24, 2018



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Version 2.6



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Android 2.3 - 2.3.2 and up

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Jun 21, 2018

The description of Photo Gallery

Image management is super-easy now with Photo Gallery Android app. You can view all famous formats of images like JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and others in an innovative way. You can magnify your images with this app to read details in depth. Batch operations allow you to easily move, delete and copy your all photos in a single place. Photo Gallery app also shows the thumbnails of your all images so you can easily sort out which images to be viewed. In addition to all these features, the app provides an inbuilt photo editor too which lets you do basic customization options with your images on the fly.


  • Supports a lot of image formats like JPEG, JPG, PNG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIFF, WMF and others
  • Let's you manage photos the easiest way
  • Allows you to send photos to others via email
  • A high quality image browser with full screen support
  • 3D effects
  • Browses photos stored anywhere on your device
  • Plays videos and GIF animations
  • and many more features!

To get a feature-rich image gallery app for your Android tablet or the phone, download apk file of Photo Gallery below. Download apk of the app and install this pack on your device to get a photo editor along with a feature-rich image gallery for your device. Its free.

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Photo Gallery 2.5 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
Photo Gallery 2.6 for Android 2.3 - 2.3.2+ APK Download
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