Pixel Super Heroes

Pixel Super Heroes

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Mar 26, 2018



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Version 2.0.34



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 09, 2018

The description of Pixel Super Heroes

Everyone loves superheroes and many people dream of becoming just like them because it is a great honor to fight for your city against the evil forces. Nobody can do that in real life but now you can do on your android smartphone by playing this epic Superhero game named Pixel Super Heroes. In this game, your city is under the attack of evil forces who want to bring chaos to the city and ruin. Will you be able to stop them by using any of the superheroes in the game? If yes, then choose your superhero and save the world. To install Pixel Super Heroes, get the free APK right now from our system and begin the action.

Here is a long list of all the game features in the Pixel Super Heroes.

• Get many Super Heroes to accompany you in your interesting and thrilling running game! Collect all of Super Heroes and save all the hostages by using your favorite Super Heroes. You will also get a different city if you play with different Super Heroes.
• Collect as many coins when you running and use it to recruit your favorite Super Heroes.
This is what it mean to be a Super Heroes! Face the evil and Save all the hostages.
• Don't have an internet connection? No Problem! You can play Pixel Super Heroes anywhere, anyplace and anytime!
• Tap the screen to make the hero jump from platform to platform, make sure you must avoid attacks from the enemy.
• Get the Special Power Up when you run and feel the greatness of Super Heroes Power.
• Each power up is different and has a unique power. Make sure you can get this power and use it to become Super Heroes.

To get the game and save the world, download the free APK right now from our website and begin the action.

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