Psiphon 82
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Psiphon 82

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May 25, 2018

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Version 82



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Android 2.2.x and up

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May 25, 2018

The description of Psiphon 82

Psiphon 82 or better known as Psiphon is a VPN designed for mobiles and PCs. This contains a wide range of computers connected as a single network across the globe that provide secure browsing experience for its users. This VPN is most famous in those countries where either government or the ISPs themselves block access to certain content on the web. Psiphon 82 allows the users to bypass the security imposed by their government or the ISP and thus allows them to access the blocked content at blazing fast speeds securely. For personal use, Psiphon 82 is free. You can download this app for free and you can enable the VPN service for your browser as well as for all other communication types. This is a great feature of Psiphon 82 as it allows you to either apply the VPN over your browsers or it can filter the traffic sent by other apps as well. An in-app feature of Psiphon 82 allows you to view the bandwidth usage for each app individually. So to protect your privacy without compromising the browsing speed, download Psiphon 82 for your Android phone right now. It's free and the latest version is available for download on this page.
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