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May 31, 2018

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Version 0.5.0



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Android 4.3.x and up

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May 31, 2018

The description of PUBG MOBILE

The must-have application for smartphone -PUBG MOBILE APK Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds popular as PUBG is a Battle Royale game available for Android users on Google Play. With its 3D graphics and interactive modes, this game has gained a great fame among the gamers community. This free game proved a smash hit with its well-supported and new amazing features. This action game is hotly anticipated by the users. So if you are a gamer then don’t waste time download the PUBG MOBILE APK files install it and jump into the fight to win the chicken dinner! Description: Launch from the plane on an 8*8 km island with your parachute. 100 players on 8*8 km island putting all down one left standing. Firstly you have no weapons, you must have to locate your weapons, vehicles and other utilities. Amazingly in this game whenever you pass by a weapon it automatically picks up the weapons. Defeat the other players on the island. Fight till you remain the last man standing over there. The map helps you to locate the other players. As the players die the map of the game becomes narrow. This thing makes it more interesting. Moreover, you can team up with your friends. Make a team do the mission together and kill the others. Then fight with each other to remain the last and win the game. You can also chat with your friends through voice. Weapons and utilities: A number of weapons are there like pistols, shotguns, rifles, knives, grenades and melee weapons. Some strange and interesting weapons are also there to make it more attractive are axes, basketball bats, shovels, rods, pans and many more. Not only the weapons but you have also to collect clothes, accessories, and vehicles for yourself. For traveling, there are motorbikes, cars, trucks, and boats. Get into them and find your enemy and put them down to the ground. Game Modes: There are three game modes: Solo mode Duo mode Squad mode To win the mission survive, kill, destroy and stay alone at the end of the whole island. So don’t be a coward! Don’t hide, go out and kill the other players. Yes! the real fun. Make sure there is a powerful anti-cheat system implemented in the game. So everyone gets the equal chance to win. It follows the rule “Play the fair game”. Features: Miramar map Progress missions Secret stash Local quick teams Region system High-quality 3D graphics Realistic weapons Category: PUBG MOBILE APK is a Free Action Game. And people are crazy about action games so this game with its stunning features got the fame. Developed by: This fantastic action game is developed by Tencent. A well know recognized mobile app development company right there in the market. Its latest version is PUBG MOBILE APK 0.5.0. Requirements: This game needs android 4.3 or up versions to be installed on your device.
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