Qibla Finder - Find Qibla Direction & Prayer Times

Qibla Finder - Find Qibla Direction & Prayer Times

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May 15, 2018



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May 15, 2018

The description of Qibla Finder - Find Qibla Direction & Prayer Times

The simplest way to find the Qibla for the Muslims by the using of Qibla Finder - Find Qibla Direction & Prayer Times on your Android. Now, there is the application which helps peoples to see the directions to reach the Qibla. It collects the data or your current location and it will guide you to go through the compass directions to find Qibla. It also provides the information about Prayer timings, and you can easily set an alarm to listen to Azan. This is the Qibla compass and it automatically points towards the direction of Qibla. It provides more information such as how many kilometers to arrival, distance from Kaaba, Mecca and it also shows the angles in degrees. It will also show you the Salah timings as well by locating the current location of you. You can also do it manually by providing your location details to see the timing details of Prayer and you can also see the directions to Qibla where ever you are. It will guide you to find Qibla by any corner of the World and you can easily reach the target by following the directions. It's easy to find the location. Ramadan is coming ahead and you want to know about the starting date or timings. The application is ready to do it for you. So, your file is ready to download. Follow the link location URL and press the start the downloading process easily.
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