Quick Shortcut Maker

Quick Shortcut Maker

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Jun 13, 2018



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Version 2.4.0



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Android 1.6 and up

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Jun 13, 2018

The description of Quick Shortcut Maker

Make shortcuts of your apps by Quick Shortcut Maker APK Quick Shortcut Maker APK is one of the most desirable applications for your smartphone. It will help the users to save their important time. This application will make the shortcut icons on the main screen. Due to this, it will save your time by going through into the menu. If you have hundreds of applications in your smartphone and having difficulty to find any through the menu, then it is quite time-consuming for you. Therefore, there is a need for such application that will make shortcuts on the main menu. It will surely help you to find your desired application with ease. On the other hand, if you are thinking that it will not be available for free, then you are wrong. It will available for free on this platform. Frequently used applications: If you are using some applications many times, then there is a good news for you. You might be happy to see your favorite icons on the screen. On the other hand, the frequently used applications will be appeared on the main screen without adding them to the menu bar. The Quick Shortcut Maker APK is there for your help. If you want to get Quick Shortcut Maker APK for free, then it will available here for you. Use at your own risk: If you are hiding some of the applications on your smartphone and don’t want to show it to the other users of the same mobile, then you have to use Quick Shortcut Maker APK with proper care. It will make the shortcut icons on the menu bar. It will be visible easily. So, you have to check with proper care. The application of Quick Shortcut Maker APK is available here for free. You can download it with ease from here. Some other prominent features: There are hundreds of other features of Quick Shortcut Maker APK. You can read them from this place. It is one of the quality platforms to get all type of android applications. Apart from this, you can get Quick Shortcut Maker APK from the given below link. It is a small sized application that will make your life easier and comfortable in the smartphone world. You can add this application to the widget bar that will make the icons more convenient. Other than this, the graphics display of Quick Shortcut Maker APK is really attractive. The bugs that were present in the previous version are now no more. You can make the shortcut icons of the hidden applications. Due to these reasons, this application is one of the widely used application in the world with millions of users. It also carries more than 4 rating points on different android markets. You can get Quick Shortcut Maker APK from here.
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