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Mar 24, 2018

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Version 4.7.4



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of QuickPic Gallery

QuickPic Gallery smartly replaces the default photo gallery on your Android tablet or the phone. By installing QuickPic Gallery Android app (with its APK file), you can access your all photos in an innovative way. The app will make photo viewing extremely easy and fun for you. Slideshows and other features are there in QuickPic Gallery which make it one of the best alternatives for the default photo gallery of Android smartphones.

QuickPic Gallery is free and ad-free as well. It doesn't put any ads in your photos so you can experience a same clean photo viewing just like the default photo gallery of Android OS. In addition to cleanliness and other features, the app is packed with several colorful themes which make your photos even more beautiful.

It doesn't matter either you have just a few photos in gallery or there are thousands of them, QuickPic Gallery is super-fast. Download the apk file of QuickPic Gallery now to install the app and experience its super-fast photo viewing features. The powerful slideshows will show your photos without putting your device under any load and with this tiny app, you can make photo viewing more fun and easy on the fly.

QuickPic Gallery supports cloud backup of your photos too and you can sync your gallery stuff to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage. The transfer of data is encrypted (SSL) so you can sync your date securely to get it back anytime just in case your device is lost, your device's memory is wiped or any other unfortunate incident happens. In addition to Amazon S3, several other cloud services are supported too which include Google DriveDropboxFlickr and many others.

Yet another cool feature of QuickPic Gallery is its privacy protection capabilities. You can easily hide your personal photos from the gallery and the private photos and videos can protected with a password too. By installing QuickPic Gallery (with its APK), you ensure that your private photos are protected even if your data is wiped or if your device gets into the hands of any untrusted person.

In addition to all these powerful features, you can edit photos within the app too. Moreover, photos can be grouped based on different criteria for their easy access. The gallery plays GIFs and videos as well. There is a powerful file manager tool too which lets you to rename, copy, move and delete files easily. Amazingly, QuickPic Gallery allows you to transfer files between different devices as well using the WiFi, just like Zapya.

In short, "QuickPic Gallery is the tiniest yet most powerful photo gallery and file management app for Android devices". Download its APK file for free and get a smart photo gallery packed with several powerful tools like photo editor, file manager, file sharer and backup just in a single app. Get QuickPic Gallery apk file for free below. Install the app and we are confident that you are going to experience something newer, better and powerful in a single place if you haven't tried this app yet.

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