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Mar 24, 2018



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Android 4.4 - 4.4.4 and up

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Aug 11, 2018

The description of SoundCloud

SoundCloud is among the top music sharing websites on the web where you can find millions of tracks to play as well as you can free music of your taste with millions of other users. It is in fact a social network for music enthusiasts developed and maintained by a team of music lovers and experts and the Android app of SoundCloud - Music & Audio brings all features of the service right on your Android tablet and the phone. To get SoundCloud on your Android device, download its full APK file below. The APK is updated on regular basis so you will always get the latest version of the app on this page.

Some features of SoundCloud Android app are listed here.

SoundCloud Features:

  • Trending music is listed by the app
  • Easy searching for tracks from within the app
  • Browse and find tracks by genre
  • Follow favorite music channels and users
  • Easy signup for SoundCloud service with Facebook and Google+
  • Record and share sounds directly from the app
  • Listen to, forward and skip songs without unlocking your device's screen
  • Create playlists or listen to the playlists created by others
  • Shuffle your likes and playlists

To join the SoundCloud music sharing community, download SoundCloud APK file for free. Play music of your taste, follow channels and users, listen to playlists and create your own playlists to share with friends what you love. Also share your creativity with other SoundCloud users and on Facebook and other social networks. Get APK for free now.

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Version history

SoundCloud 2018.04.06-release for Android 4.2+ APK Download
SoundCloud 2018.06.06-release for Android 4.1.x+ APK Download
SoundCloud 2018.06.12-release for Android 4.1.x+ APK Download
SoundCloud 2018.07.02-release for Android 4.1.x+ APK Download
SoundCloud 2018.07.12-release for Android 4.1.x+ APK Download
SoundCloud 2018.07.13-release for Android 4.1.x+ APK Download
SoundCloud 2018.07.30-release for Android 4.4 - 4.4.4+ APK Download
SoundCloud 2018.08.07-release for Android 4.4 - 4.4.4+ APK Download
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