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Spring Ninja

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Mar 25, 2018



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May 08, 2018

The description of Spring Ninja

I was wondering about some of the most difficult but enjoyable game on Android. While making that list I came across a name and I had finally had to decide that this game worth some words. Yes, I am talking about Spring Ninja which is one of the most difficult but full of fun game. It is an Arcade game for Android developed by Ketch App Developers on Google Play Store. You can download free Spring Ninja APK from the link given above but first, let’s have some words on the game.

Spring Ninja Game Review.

Gameplay: In Spring Ninja, gameplay is as simplest as it could get. Your character is a Black Ninja who thinks he is really good at making jumps. There are not any complex controls in which you need expertise. All you have got to do is make simple jumps from one poll to another and increase your score. Jump is made by holding screen. Longer you hold the screen, the longer will be the jump. You need to have quite good idea on jumps whether it will make you to the next poll or not. Making one successful jump to 2nd poll gives you one point. Make a big jump while skipping one or two polls in between and you get more points with bonus. The game has an infinite loop which means that it will continue unless you drown in water by making wrong jump.

Few Spring Ninja Cons: There are few cons to this game just like every app but this has some severe ones. Users have said that you never know what jump is accurate? You never get a true idea of accuracy in game except for some small jumps. There is not a secret to become an expert and most of the game depends on fate whether you make it or go swimming. And that’s why users do not comment in very good words on the game in Google play Store. Maybe that’s why it has a rating of 3.6 out of 5 but still good.

Embrace the Challenge: While admitting that the game is difficult, if you are someone who loves embracing challenges then this game is for you. Maybe well in short time you get so good with your jumps and that might starting feeling a Ninja yourself.

This game is going to bring some ultimate fun on your smartphone but you need to do your duty first. That is, download the free Spring Ninja APK right now from our site and have fun with one of the best arcade games ever.

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