The Amazing Boy

The Amazing Boy

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Mar 25, 2018

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May 08, 2018

The description of The Amazing Boy

Young app developers are the future of the industry and the work they are putting out would amaze you sometimes. While the programmers from all over the world are in the business, Asian developers are also breaking in. They are creating apps and games to show the world their real potential. One of the very nice games that have recently been developed by a young developer from Quetta, Pakistan is The Amazing Boy. Usman Sarwar Rajput is the developer of the game and he is a student of BUITEMS. You can download the free APK for this game from this page. Read about different game modes and features of this game below.

The Amazing Boy is an adventure game in which protagonist is a young boy named The Amazing Boy (as per game’s title). The gameplay is quite a simple one. You will need to pass the levels by facing the different monster and slipping pass them by jumping and tricks. As per the description of the game in the play store, the game uses a combination of 8 to 32-bit graphics which will remind you of the time when you used to play super Mario on your Nintendo console. This game, however, is quite different from it. You are going to find much different gameplay along with good graphics and nice background music.

The game has yet just 1 level, Desert and few more are expected to be updated in the future from the developer. There are just 2 game modes in the game, completing the level taking as much time as you want and the time trial. The time trial is more exciting since it builds up the fun in the game. You will need to slip past the monster and dangerous cactus plants to reach the destination. Making that in lesser time, you can make good records and compete with your friends.  Being his first game and a new one, there is much that is expected for upgrades.

If you are excited enough to play this game then download the free The Amazing Boy APK from our site and keep visiting in future to find upgrades for this game.

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