Thomas & Friends: Delivery

Thomas & Friends: Delivery

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Mar 25, 2018


Budge Studios

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Android 4.2 and up

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May 08, 2018

The description of Thomas & Friends: Delivery

Are you a fan of Thomas and Friends on the TV? It has been one of the sweetest memories of most people’s childhood. There are a lot of the things about the show that we loved and now we can catch up to it again. Thomas & Friends: Delivery is an android game that is based on the same characters from the television show and you can bring back the memories of your childhood back by playing this game. Relive what you used to love in the childhood of this show. You can install this game by downloading the free Thomas & Friends: Delivery APK from this webpage and brighten up the memories.

Thomas & Friends: Delivery is an action-adventure game based on the TV with the same name. All the characters from the TV show are present in the game but in the game, you instead of watching it, can run the things yourself. Below are some of the game features and modes that are present in the game. Reading about them will compel you to download the game and play it.

Thomas & Friends: Delivery Features and Game Modes.

Here is a list of some features and game modes from the game.

1. Now the train’s engine is in your control. You can control it and move it anywhere on the track. Whether you want to take it backwards, run it fast or slow, everything is your choice.

2. While on the track you ought to have speed. You can increase your speed by finding the booster coins on the track. The more you earn coins, the faster you can get.

3. Fireworks are something that we all love to watch. You can find them and a lot of other different party items in the game to earn points. There are balloons and fireworks that you can find in the Thomas & Friends: Delivery and increase your game fun.

4. Using your train, you can serve as a travelling medium for guests to reach the party, winning you a lot of points.

5. You can do digging to find the buried treasure somewhere on the map. This will take some good game experience and time.

7. You can build a lot of landmarks and building to make game look full of fun. Also, there are seven different engines named Thomas, Percy, Henry, Toby, Emily, Ryan, and Gordon which you can use in the game.

You can discover a lot of other things by installing the game. Do that by downloading the free Thomas & Friends: Delivery APK from our site and have fun.

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