Toddler and Baby Games

Toddler and Baby Games

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Mar 26, 2018



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Android 4.0.3 - 4.0.4 and up

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Jun 20, 2018

The description of Toddler and Baby Games

‘Toddler and Baby Games’ is a collection of great and fantastic children n games. Basically, the app is created to be used by therapists, teachers, and educators with the aim of improving the toddler, baby, and children educational process. This application comprises the full version of nine multiple games without additional payments. Hence, this is the perfect pack of games for children to build up their intellectual skills and getting knowledge in a single application.
The game is convenient for children of kindergarten age. It offers you a world of innovation that is enriching to the curious little fingers of your young children. The games included in the app are, COUNT AND MATCH; in this game you will get an essential experience with numbers and quantities. Besides, there is SORT IT OUT game; it enables your kids to sort out and arrange things with this fun sorting game. The app is very helpful in developing conceptualization, fine motor skills and visual perception. Moreover, with the help of parents, kids can also learn and develop language skills. Then there is ‘WHAT’S DIFFERENT’ game; here you will find out which one is the odd one out. So, are you ready to enhance your child’s language, visual perception and cognitive skills? Furthermore, there is MATCH IT UP game; in this game you will find the same shape of the pictures out of the surrounding images and dragging it to the right place. In addition to that, there is FAMILIES that helps your kids in developing important cognitive skills such as categorization, , generalization, conceptualization and abstraction. It also assists in developing visual perception skills and fine motor skills. PUZZLE game is a great fun to play for the beginners. You will enjoy this clear, colorful, bright collection of square puzzles for toddlers, babies, and younger children. Besides, there is MEMO GAME; it is an appealing and exciting game to exercise brain skills of the baby or kid. You will also have COMPLETE THE SERIES game; it is new, highly educational game that teaches your children about the world of relations through the achievements of series. The series are based on various principles such as shape, size, color, and quantity. The game builds up primary math concepts, visual perception skills, for instance, visual differentiation, great motor skills and with parental assistance kids can develop language skills as well. Moreover there is MY PROFESSION and MOSAIC GAME too. You can also find out more educational games in the app.


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