Touch Controls for YouTube

Touch Controls for YouTube

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Mar 25, 2018



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Version 1.1.15



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Android 4.3.x and up

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Jun 25, 2018

The description of Touch Controls for YouTube

Do you miss the media player controls while you surf on YouTube? Do you want other features and controls to manage how you videos works on YouTube? Well, this app is a solution for your needs. This app is made to work for YouTube controls and to provide you with the same enhanced experience on YouTube that you experience on VLC.

Touch controls for YouTube allows you to manage the volume controls when watching YouTube videos in full screen modes. You can increase and decrease the volume by finger swipes. You can control the brightness through your hand gestures. Just swipe to control the volume and brightness. Yes, it's that easy!

Touch controls needs an accessibility permission to work. You need to give permission to touch controls to work for your YouTube videos.

  • You can also unlock the full version to get the premium features.
  • There is no demo banner when you adjust the volume and brightness.
  • You can tap anywhere on the screen to play or pause the video.
  • You can have fun with the same controls as VLC player and enhance your YouTube surfing.


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Touch Controls for YouTube 1.1.10 for Android 4.2+ APK Download
Touch Controls for YouTube 1.1.14 for Android 4.3.x+ APK Download
Touch Controls for YouTube 1.1.15 for Android 4.3.x+ APK Download
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