Urdu Paheliyan 2016
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Urdu Paheliyan 2016

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Mar 26, 2018


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May 08, 2018

The description of Urdu Paheliyan 2016

Urdu Paheliyan 2016 or Urdu Riddles is beautiful full of the fun app for the kids. It contains riddles that are sometimes very hard to guess but with a good of use of the brain, you will definitely guess. Asking and answering is a good brain exercise which brings a lot of fun. This app will definitely be useless for people who don't know the Urdu language. But Pakistani parents can feel happy since they can have fun with their children or friends with this wonderful riddler app. To install Urdu Paheliyan 2016 on your phone, download the free apk right now and have fun with friends and family.

There are 100s of riddles in this app. Some riddles are easy to guess while some will burn your brain out while guessing. This app can prove to be a good brain exercise which comes along with a lot of fun. Plus, being a Pakistani, this is in your native language so the riddles will be easy to understand for you. If the developers work on a translation update then this app could get much recognition since more people will use it. Here are some a couple of features that are present in Urdu Paheliyan 2016.

1. There is an ask a friend option which is kind of a helpline that gives you time to ask the riddles from your friends.
2. You can zoom in or out of the app for the better view of words.

So this was all from this beautiful riddle app. Download it right now from our website and put your brain to some test.

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