Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles

Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles

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Mar 26, 2018



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May 09, 2018

The description of Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles

It is time to escape from the prison you have been caught but doing that won’t be easy. You are going to need some good use of brain and tactics to clear the levels and escape this world of dark cells. Winter Fugitives 2: Chronicles is an epic action game in which your protagonist is caught in a prison and you have to help him escape this dark place. You will have to go through a number of levels to do that. Install this game beautiful action game right now on your android smartphone by downloading the free APK and begin the action.

The protagonist, an old bearded man is caught in this prison and getting out of here alive is not an easy option. You can try but there are chances that you may fail the quest unless you are well prepared and equipped. Use your brain to think of some good strategies and escape the prison. You can use combat or silent skills to beat the guards or slip past them. But you will need to make sure that either they are dead or they don’t notice because they are going to create some serious problems for you.

Exploring the surroundings is a key in this game. There are a lot of hidden things in this prison which can be essential to escape the prison. First, you will play in the easy mode to complete the game and then you can unlock the harder difficulty levels to face a challenge which is for real pros. The graphics also matter for a good game and they are pretty impressive in this one. The textures are good, visual effects and audio quality are also pretty impressive.

To start playing the game, download the free APK from our website right now and begin the action.

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