World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2

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Mar 24, 2018

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May 08, 2018

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World Cricket Championship 2 now offers Hindi commentary as well in addition to English commentary. We really hope that you will enjoy playing cricket way better than before. On the download page, you will be able to download World Championship 2 (WCC 2) APK file along with its all expansion files, the SD card data.

Cricket is the second most followed game in the world. This game is like a religion to people living in parts of Sub-Continent and all around the world. That is the reason why its games are also played and loved in enormous numbers all over the globe. One of these games is World Cricket Championship 2 which is hitting the top download number in its category. You can download latest APK of WCC 2 on this page for free.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a cutting edge in mobile Cricket gaming where each cricket partner can now have the most exceptional 3D versatile cricket diversion at the palm of their hands. This is an amusement worked for you the cricket fans. You have burdens to anticipate. You can modify your players and cheer you group with redid standards.

You can likewise anticipate shining movements, all the more cricketing venues, new controls and new camera points. World Cricket Championship 2 has highlights that make it the most the most dynamic and flexible diversion in the realm of versatile cricket. Be set up for crazy fun. You can play the greatest number of cricket shots including the well-known Dil-scoop, the Helicopter shot and the Upper-Cut. Keep reading ahead because there is a long list of other features that are part of World Cricket Championship 2.

WCC 2 Features:

  1. There more than 45 different cricketing shots in World Cricket Championship
  2. It includes some of the famous shots such as reverse sweep, Dil-scoop, the helicopter shot and much more!
  3. For the first time in mobile cricket games, now there is an auto-play mode for both batting and bowling.
  4. Fielding is better than ever in the history of mobile cricket games with quick reflexes and amazing moves being carried out by the fielders.
  5. Ball physics are more realistic than they ever happened in a cricket game
  6. There are variations in the pitches such as dusty, hard, normal and green. You can choose whether to bat or bowl after looking at the pitch because it matters.
  7. The better you perform with a player, more his skills will increase. If a player would perform better in the matches, his abilities will continue to grow by the skill points you earn in the game
  8. Now there are eighteen different international teams in the World Cricket Championship 2 and also more than 10 top domestic teams from different countries. You can choose any of your team and set out on a mission to be a champion
  9. Now for the first time in mobile cricket gaming, you can challenge a friend and compete him in the toughest of matches. It is your time to prove that who is the boss! Challenging friends and winning matches will result in the increase in player skills and you will earn credit points with the help of them, you can buy different items and unlocks in the game
  10. Make sure that you practice more and when you play a match your shot selection should be good. In case of the poor shot selection, your batsmen could get injured making your team weaker
  11. Amazing cinematic camera, hawk-eye, eagle eye, 3D charts to show score and stats, slow motion after each wicket or boundary, professional field tactics, professional match commentary and there is a lot of other amazing modes that are part of World Cricket Championship 2.   And this would take me a whole day if I keep writing about all the modes in detail

So it is better that you download the game right now from our website and keep enjoying maybe the best game in the history of mobile cricket gaming. Download free APK to play the game on the go.

Awards: Nasscom Gaming Award for the Year 2015

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