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Apr 05, 2018


ZenGuard GmbH

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Version 2.5.2



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Android 4.2 and up

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May 10, 2018

The description of ZenMate VPN

VPNs are one of the vital elements on the web that allow you to secure your privacy by encrypting your connection on the web. If you are worried about your privacy and you don't want yourself to be tracked while visiting any websites, then ZenMate VPN is one of the apps available for Android platform. You can download ZenMate VPN APK file from our website and install this tiny app on your Android device to ensure that your web surfing doesn't leave any sensitive information back. Your IP address, geographical location, and several other sensitive information will be masked by this VPN and thus your privacy will be protected while you will surf the web from your Android device.

Most VPN apps provide slow surfing speeds and that's the primary reason most Android users prefer not to use any VPN. In addition to this, if any VPN app is fast enough, it comes with several limitations like bandwidth limitations and others. With ZenMate VPN, you don't need to worry about any of the limitations like these and you can enjoy super-fast browsing speeds without any bandwidth limits. So to start enjoying the web surfing keeping your privacy protected, download the APK file of this app right now. Its free and you can download and install it for free from the provided download link.

Benefits of Using ZenMate VPN:

With ZenMate VPN, you can protect your all sensitive information like passwords, credit card details and so on. When you use a public WiFi to access your bank or to shop online, then there are huge risks of your sensitive data being hijacked by the man-in-middle. This VPN app ensures that your data is encrypted and no one can access it even if you are using a public network. Moreover, you can set your preferred location from the available list and thus you can hide your current location.

The developers of the app have disclosed that this VPN app may not work properly in some selected countries that include China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. If you are a citizen of any of these countries, then you aren't recommended to buy the premium version of ZenMate VPN as the developers say that the telecommunication regulations in these countries might prevent this app from its optimal functioning. If you aren't living in any of these countries, then you can try this app for free or can subscribe the pro version of ZenMate VPN here.

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