100GB Free Cloud Storage Degoo APK

100GB Free Cloud Storage Degoo
100GB Free Cloud Storage Degoo
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100GB Free Cloud Storage Degoo Free APK Download for Android

No matter how much storage you are provided with, it always seems less. This app is an amazing tool for people who love saving memories as it provides you with lots of free storage. You can always count on this app when you want to save files in a secure place.


Features of this app are as follows.


  • This app is completely free of cost.
  • It provides you all the amazing features you longed for.
  • You get 100 GB free and secure cloud storage and that’s huge.
  • You can use it as backup too.
  • Your privacy is the priority so this app secures your data like no other app does.
  • It encrypts your files before sending them to cloud storage.
  • Degoo is user friendly and handy to use.
  • Storing your data on Degoo is utterly reliable.
  • This app has unique quality of saving three copies of a single file so you never lose it.
  • It automatically backs up your photos as soon as you add them to your gallery or capture a new snap.
  • Completely forget about losing your files.
  • You can always have access to your files.
  • You can always share them with friends.
  • You can restore your data to any device in the world.


Download Degoo and start loving it.