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32 secs
32 secs
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Dev: isTom Games Latest Version: 1.0.4 Updated: Apr 21

32 secs Free APK Download for Android

32 secs has the most solid and reliable transporter of the future. Where your task is too hard to complete the world busiest traffic races. So bounce into your favorite motorcycle. 32 secs is a great 3D driving game where you can jump your motorcycle and pass through driving the busiest highways traffics. So avoid all other vehicles from getting accident to your own motorcycle. And get chance to pass every rivals.  32 secs controls are too easy and simple where you can change lanes by sliding your finger swiping left to right. And swipe up to use for nitro system for speed and swipe down to use the bakes. And get power energy by activate power-up motorcycle speed. If you want to get new motorcycles, you just have to win the races and save a lot of energy balls to buy the super motorcycles which are upgraded. You have less time which is running out and so make it count by racing. You have just a goal that is to hop into the top of the leaderboards by completing all the races.

Have fun and enjoy the following 32 secs key features by playing and racing:

  • Unique and breathtaking visuals
  • Extraordinary sense of Speed
  • Intuitive & addictive Gameplay
  • Superpower & beautiful motorcycles
  • Easy and most simple upgrading system
  • 32 secs to the next Gate.
  • Have multi zones of dazzling.