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Age of Warring Empire
Age of Warring Empire
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Dev: Elex Latest Version: 2.4.71 Updated: Jun 04

Age of Warring Empire Free APK Download for Android

General are you ready to conquer the world? Are you ready to lead the fierce army of deadly warriors? Ride with your soldiers and lead them to glory in Age of Warring Empire. Train your soldiers, enhance them with deadliest weapons because of they worth it and make a perfect strategy for attacks against your enemy, conquer their land and loot everything they have, show no mercy on them unless they accept you as their king. In Age of Warring Empire Build your own castle and city, work harder and harder for your people and build different buildings to expand and strengthen your kingdom.

Prepare yourself for war general in Age of Warring Empire because armies are preparing to take your kingdom as well so as king it’s your duty to defend your city and people from vicious and brutal enemies. Download the APK file right now. 

Game play

You will start from nothing and possess fewer resources, start with the castle and then slowly with the passage of time build more buildings, gather as many resources as you can to build the fierce army of warriors and also build defenses to stop you, enemies. Age of Warring Empire is not for the soft-hearted people who shows mercy on enemies.

In Age of Warring Empire, You will need something else than average warriors, get legendary heroes and let them lead your army as commanders. Train them to improve their skills and enhance them legendary weapons because they deserve more than average weapons.  You can unlock upgrades and legendary crafting from the online shop of Age of Warring Empire.

You will not be alone because your friends will always be there whenever you need them, ask your friends from all over the world to join you and become the Icon in the history of the Age of Warring Empire. Talk to the in-game chat and inform them about your plans before an attack and ask soldiers for defense against the foes. In return provide your services for their empire in Age of Warring Empires.

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