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Dev: Appxplore Sdn Bhd Latest Version: 1.3.2 Updated: Mar 22

Alien Path Free APK Download for Android

All of us would love a blend of role playing, puzzle and strategy games on your android smartphones except this time, the fun has just travelled to the space where you being an Alien, are fighting evil robots in order to eliminate the threat from the galaxy and make your world free again. In this beautiful android puzzle game, you plays as Aliens who are working their best to eliminate their galaxy from this latest threat which are evil robots trying to take over the galaxy and rule it. You have got to use them by playing your cards and using different magical combinations of powers which you have never seen on an android smartphone game. Before we move on to tell you more about Alien Path in the features, know that you can download this right now from absolutely free by clicking the green download button. 

Listed below are some of the major features of the game.

  • A unique blend of puzzle, role-playing, and strategy games.
  • There are more than 20,000 combinations which you can use with the powers available.
  • Whenever you use a unique combination and give your enemy a real blow, a new Alien is going to hatch as a reward.
  • You can unlock more combinations by unlocking power cards and there are up to 100 of them.
  • Beside the main campaign, you can complete side missions to score some extra points and get achievements.
  • Your brain is going to be the primary weapon.
  • An amazing customization interface for the Aliens and power cards.

Get Alien Path right now and travel to a new galaxy. Keep visiting our website for more free android games and apps.