Animation Desk - Sketch and Draw APK

Animation Desk - Sketch and Draw
Animation Desk - Sketch and Draw
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Dev: Kdan Mobile Software Ltd. Latest Version: 1.0.48 Updated: Sep 27

Animation Desk - Sketch and Draw Free APK Download for Android


Animation Desk is a great animation app on which you can draw and sketch. Hand-drawn animations are right on your phones or tablets. You will not need any other tools to draw or sketch, just your fingers and Animation Desk will do. The app is not less than any professionally designed animation desk. Animation Desk for Android imparts an intuitive, friendly, and easy drawing environment so that everyone can have fun with creating their own animated works. Just download Animation Desk and appreciate the beauty of traditional animations.
You need to simply sketch on the screen with the help of your fingers and switch the drawings into animations in only few steps. Then, soon, you will discover yourself becoming the creator of your own fantasy land. Besides, you don't have to be a professional with years of experience or have a degree in design to become an animation designer or to make the most of this app. The app is designed while keeping the beginner in mind so that you will be making hand-drawn animations in no time and in the easiest way. The app has been designed for both professionals and amateurs animators. Animation Desk is a rich, resourceful app to create any of the intricate animations through an easy to use and intuitive user interface. It is very user-friendly. It is a very realistic place for animation creating. It has got multiple painting tools with pressure sensitivity. There are pencil, fountain pen, crayon, and three types of brushes and erasers. Moreover, there is a broad range of color selection palettes, so just bestow your works life by decorating them with over hundred vibrant and glowing colors. Besides, there is modifiable size and opacity for the brushes and erasers. It allows you to manage your strokes as the way you want. Furthermore, you can add any pictures in the background. There is also a feature of onion skinning in the app. Animation Desk supports four sets of frame rates. The smoothness of your animation relies on the frame rate, and it allows you to choose from 3FPS to 24FPS (frame per second). Moreover, file management is so easy and flexible. So, just download Animation Desk and dive into great animations of your creativity.