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Apex Launcher
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Dev: Android Does Latest Version: 3.3.2 Updated: Jun 14

Apex Launcher Free APK Download for Android

Do you want to give your Android mobile or device a total new interface, a look that makes your device appear brand-new and appealing? Because just keeping on changing wallpapers and themes is not enough to give your mobile interface a fresh appearance and change anew. Developed by Android Does, Apex Launcher for your Android devices is just the thing you’re looking for to give a complete new feel to your device, which you can customize according to your own taste and liking. Customize your device in thousand ways as this is what Apex Launcher is known for. Download APK of Apex Launcher to install on your device for free.

Unlike most Android mobile launchers which give your device interface just a different feel and look, Apex Launcher takes you a step further with enhanced control over home screens and apps menu in the operating system. Using the app you can put many more icons on the home screens which can be added up-to nine in a row. Not just this the icon dock at the bottom which can be scrolled with a finger flip lying at the bottom of the home-screen can harbor up to seven app icons for you. No matter how long is your list of apps installed on the mobile phone, the flexible scrolling feature on the app enables you to roll down or across to infinity. Find Apex Launcher APK on this page.

Every time you sweep across the screen between the home-screens, do it with a style by selecting a transition style from cube to tablet and so on. Hide or unhide elements on the display as you fancy like search bar, status bar or dock.  The app gives you option to create or delete customizable icons and labels for shortcuts and labeling, and you can choose between a wide array of folder preview options and background displays. Talking about the drawer, chose between the multiple styles ranging from transparent/opaque, horizontal/vertical, to paginated/continuous among many. And the apps on the drawer screen can be sorted on the basis of date of creation, title they contain, or most used basis, that makes the app available for you the way it suites your mind and dexterity, with an additional option to hide the apps at the drawer site.

How often it happens that we accidentally remove, uninstall or replace app icons from the home screen with unintentional finger slides and touches on the screen, Apex Launcher has got a solution for this issue, as you can lock the display that protects your mobile interface from such not on purpose modifications on your device display. Apex Launcher APK file is provided on download link.

Feel free to use the gestures like pinching, swiping up and down the screen and double tapping to complete the actions you want to perform. Advance theme engine churns out for you icon packs, skins and beautiful displays for you with a single tap on the device screen. If you have done a lot of work customizing you phone using the Apex Launcher don’t worry about losing the setting and data, as you can restore or backup with just few taps on the screen.

The features discussed above are free for you as you install the app, but you can get additional features and get enhanced additions to existing ones by opting for pro version of the Apex Launcher. these enhanced features range from, customization options to swipe actions to gesture options, themes to folder support and transitions effects and many advanced widget features that will make you sure that you have not bought a lemon. Grab the free APK file of the app and install it on your phone / tablet for free.

If you are using the display features like wallpaper, themes, transition and icon styles provided by the manufacturers operating system by default, possibility is your mobile does not appear as appealing as it used to be when you first bought it. It is time for you to invigorate your emotions for the device and give it a look a new mobile has. If you agree, then with countless features and additional options Apex Launcher is one of the best available for free to get the experience you expect. Get to the Download option for APK file of this app on the page and have it right away with a single click or tap. We bet you will enjoy ever part of your mobile or tablet display with this app installed on your Android device.