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AppBrain Ad Detector

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Aug 14, 2018




Version 2.3.9



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Oct 24, 2018


AppBrain Ad Detector by AppTornado

Free your phone from potential concerns and ads! This app detects all annoyances of apps installed on your phone, such as Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam ads and apps with privacy concerns. It identifies the adware and spyware and allows you to then remove it.

- Helps you to get rid of annoying ad notifications and bookmarks on your desktop.
- Become aware of what apps have permissions to access your messages or accounts and could thus invade your privacy, or can use services which could cost you money, and helps you with their removal.

This app detects over 70 different aspects of apps, including:

- Concerns such as Push Notifications (both ads and non-ads), putting spam icons on your desktop, and privacy related concerns such as the ability to access your location, contacts, messages or accounts.

- Android Ad Networks; this app tells you which ad networks are embedded in apps, such as Admob, Millennial Media, ChartBoost, TapJoy and many smaller ones. Indicates which ones may have push ads.

- Social SDKs; detect whether apps have SDKs like Facebook, VKontakte, Twitter, and more.

- Developer Tools; detect libraries like Google Analytics, Flurry Analytics, Google Play in-app billing, Android support library, ACRA, Phonegap, and many more.
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Version 2.3.9

Updated on Oct 24, 2018

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Version 2.3

Updated on Sep 12, 2018

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Version 2.2.1

Updated on Aug 14, 2018

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