Bike Racing Rush: Attack Race

Bike Racing Rush: Attack Race

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Aug 19, 2018




Version 1.4



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Aug 19, 2018


Bike Racing Rush: Attack Race by PRIMELOGIX

Ever wondered of driving insanely on the highway? Well you never dare to do that in real but you will surely do in this amazing power packed game. Drive insanely over the highway with incredible traffic, cars, buses and trucks. The heavy vehicle on the highway make it risky place to drive. With this game, you are going to over take the heavy traffic and drive as fast as you can. The horrible speeds are what you are counting on. Race on the highway with all your skills and endless passion. The day cycle is too dynamic that you can race and drive at any time of the day. This game is a free power action packed saga to drive you insane.

Features of this game are as follows.

  • Racing motor is a fast paced game where you dare to take the risks of driving on terrible speeds on the highway.
  • This actually feels like the real world driving and racing because of the graphics and realistic environment.
  • Too many beautiful and exotic locations you can race at.
  • This game is going to give you the real thrills and the real feels of insane racing.
  • The super charged and power packed game that has all the stunning features you blow away your mind.
  • The traffic is endless. The cars, school buses, monster trucks, lorries and all heavy vehicle.
  • The heavy bike's physics are too real and stunning. 
  • The bike handling and controls are too smooth and manageable.
  • The graphics are mind blowing and insanely real.
  • The sounds and audios are perfectly matched and thrilled.
  • You can tilt your phone to drive away.
  • Tap the screen to get boosts and acceleration.
  • You decide what score you want with endless acceleration and speed.

Download this amazing bike racing moto APK file and thrill the racer out of you!

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